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Patapon gem sheet by OdaSwifteye Patapon gem sheet :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 0 0
Kitsune Chronicles chapter 10
Marriage and procreation are very important subjects to the denizens of Sakura Village
Marriage and procreation are very important subjects to the denizens
of Sakura Village. There is an order that determines how certain
things will decide the fate of an individual based on how they were
born and what they excel at as they age.
The culture of being married is so deeply entrenched that most
creatures in the village seek mates before they even finish trade
school. In this instance no action is taken and the decision is
respected. However. In the event that creature in question has
difficulties choosing or finding a mate several actions may be taken.
If they are poor stock, have a horrible skill level in school, or
have committed a terrible crime of some sort these creatures will be
If they are of fantastic stock, come from a powerful family, or have
fine breeding potential but have remained single due to an absurd
level of obliviousness or captiousness it falls into the han
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Kitsune Chronicles chapter 9 by OdaSwifteye Kitsune Chronicles chapter 9 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 0 0
Kitsune Chronicles chapter 8
In most warrior cultures
the men go to war and the women stay at home and tend to the
children. This isn't quite the case for Majeckidors. Males are
tasked with the combat but in that regard most other creatures are
just better armed or trained harder than the average Village Fox.
The real advantage comes in confusing and scaring opponents with
magic which is a skill that is inherent in Rabbits alone. After many
centuries of mixed breeding the power is shared to all creatures born
in the village but even to this day the Rabbits have the strongest
grasp of magic.
not uncommon for most female rabbits to become mages or archers when
they felt needed on the field of battle. There are many skills a
rabbit is expected to take on to be an excellent member of the
village but one that is awarded the most highly is the mastery of the
magic. The more acute the mother is the easier it is for the
children to pick up on it. An unskilled female rabbit is a nightmare
that any parent would g
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Kitsune Chronicles chapter 7
isolated events where Gabo Shepherd uses magic was seen as an anomaly
that wasn't really fully understood by anyone who bore witness to it.
That's not to say that it wasn't reported however. It usually goes
through a simple chain of events. A random creature sees it, they
report it to the police or they just tell a friend instead. Neither
police person nor friend believes them and they look like loonies.
Eventually they just assume they were seeing things inaccurately.
It was
hard to dissuade the particular event where Gabo was first discovered
with his powers at the historical raiding of the Shepherd gang's
hideout, several riot squad members seeing the same thing and said
event preventing the capture of a notorious crime lord at the hands
of a kid who was only labeled as a small time accomplice at best,
that actually got reported where it made its way to Chief Serf who
only thought of one thing.
magic, Torn Serf is not native to the city and like a lot creatures
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Kitsune Chronicles chapter 6 by OdaSwifteye Kitsune Chronicles chapter 6 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 1 0
The Rework Floor
After finishing a couple matches on the fields of justice and creating an comparing the increasingly ramble worthy notes from his former colleague Lyte, he heads to the Riot PVP building where champions meet with very important people and get some behind the scenes work done. 
He goes through the main entrance. His first sight is of course the lobby which is blocked off by a perimeter check zone. The security guard makes everyone put their weapons into a holding locker of nearly infinite size and security. It's probably made of Techmaturgy. At least that's what Heimerdinger assumes though he would like a closer look. Champions like Xerath who simply ARE a weapon are given some sort of weird glow wristband. It probably inhibits on a small scale. 
Heimerdinger greets the guard and puts his weapons into a basket to be held by them. He goes through the metal detector. Heimerdinger grins awkwardly as he takes the goggles off his face and the wrench out of his afro (he always forge
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The kitsune chronicles chapter 5 by OdaSwifteye The kitsune chronicles chapter 5 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 0 0 The kitsune chronicles chapter 4 by OdaSwifteye The kitsune chronicles chapter 4 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 0 0 The kitsune chronicles chapter 3 by OdaSwifteye The kitsune chronicles chapter 3 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 1 0 The kitsune chronicles chapter 2 by OdaSwifteye The kitsune chronicles chapter 2 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 0 0 The kitsune chronicles chapter 1 by OdaSwifteye The kitsune chronicles chapter 1 :iconodaswifteye:OdaSwifteye 1 0
An Equestrian Adventure chapter twenty three
My little pony: An Equestrian journey
Chapter twenty three: This is Paradise
Twilight and the others were busy helping with the rebuilding of Equestria. After a month or so Equestria was well on it's way to becoming the beautiful country it was before Tirek's invasion. In celebration of Equestria freedom and restoration an invitation was sent out to the Paragon ponies that were all in their respective areas.
Twilight was offered a teaching job in the Canterlot School. She teaches superior magic and lore revolving around foreign lands and creatures. She is currently developing a book detailing the ponies' adventure. As she puts down the finishing touches she thinks about Spike. She hasn't seen him ever since they left him behind at Komodo den. She knew he was more than likely fine and happy there but occasionally she would miss his company. Her thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on the door. She opened the door to see who it was. It was a Pegasus with a bluish gray coat and a
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An Equestrian Adventure chapter twenty two
My little pony: An Equestrian journey
As they sat in the train ride anxious with their upcoming encounter with Tirek they thought about the fight with Nightmare Moon. The thought of losing this fight simply wasn't an option to consider. If they lost it was truly well and over for all things good and pleasant. Celestia had well and truly put the future of the land in their hooves. And they had no intention of failing the ponies who depend on them.
Chapter twenty two: A piece of rainbow
The train arrived at the station which was in a state of disrepair. One by one the ponies walked out of the train and looked at what Manehattan was reduced too. The was little more than a pile of rubble. Fire and smoke billowed out of buildings while sounds fighting can be heard from the distance. Screams of terror can be heard. "All those poor can any creature do this to another living thing?" Fluttershy said saddened by everything she was seeing and hearing. "The one time I get to visit M
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An Equestrian Adventure chapter twenty one
My little pony: An Equestrian journey
Upon arriving to Dream Valley Rainbow Dash sets off with the staff they obtained from the encounter with the Ursa Major. She goes off into the Kongming Mountains in search of Sun Wukong. Happy too see both his staff and his friend Rainbow Dash he invites her to another match but she declines. Annoyed he insists that the next time they meet it will be for keeps. As they pass by the ruined village of the horses Twilight Sparkle takes a moment to pay her respects to the place. Rarity suggests that it would a worthwhile endeavor to recover whatever is left of their legacy so even the ponies would know of them.
Sometimes when Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes she can see the village just like it was before it was destroyed. Lately though. She hears the words of someone speaking to her. "Dear child who wields the light. You're task is left undone." The voice would say. She did not know what it meant for certain but thinking about it makes her feel ill.
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An Equestrian Adventure chapter twenty
My little pony: An Equestrian journey
Though Tirek is the most feared and well remembered villain to have ever blighted the land there were others who throughout history had caused their own chaos and torment. Though these beings had passed on, mages like Tirek recreated the havoc these being caused by transforming currently living creatures into imitations of them. They were known as the Five Fiends. Arabus the Foul, Catrina the Wicked, Grogar the Tyrant, Crunch the Indomitable, and Somnambula the Siren. Such creatures are the forerunners in Tirek's campaign to total conquest.
Chapter twenty: Paradise Lost
Ponyville had been changed from the wholesome quiet town to a prison camp for ponies to be contained and broken mentally and physically to later be used as slaves or turned into monsters to serve in Tirek's army. Grogar was responsible for keeping order in the prison and to quell any and all misbehavior at his discretion. Grogar the Tyrant was a Demon Ram who wore a necklace with an
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Kitsune by Evil-Rick Kitsune :iconevil-rick:Evil-Rick 2 1 Legend of the Yokai - Akako by Tigryph Legend of the Yokai - Akako :icontigryph:Tigryph 18 13 Kunoyubi Hime by chibigingi Kunoyubi Hime :iconchibigingi:chibigingi 19 15 Kyuubi Arecella by Deneth Kyuubi Arecella :icondeneth:Deneth 36 33 Rizu Anthro by metallixfaker Rizu Anthro :iconmetallixfaker:metallixfaker 30 20 Snow kitsune by ElectricDragon11 Snow kitsune :iconelectricdragon11:ElectricDragon11 5 4 Kitsune Play by ArisuAmyFan Kitsune Play :iconarisuamyfan:ArisuAmyFan 85 23 Ninja Kenny by Acisej by KennyKitsune Ninja Kenny by Acisej :iconkennykitsune:KennyKitsune 9 2 :: by yamichan :: :iconyamichan:yamichan 21 9


Nothing much. Ah, i'm fucking with ya I'm been up to loads. Yeah actually. Not just faffing about me I've been doing a ton of stuff! I finally got my GED so I can go to college and maybe get a degree in something that will get me a steady well paying job (although my chances are quite slim). I've been building a career from the ground up to pay for my various needs but I'll keep tight lipped on that until my paper work goes through the government and I have a license to it in my area and protect it in the court of law from idea poachers and be a legitimate business (yes, it's that serious and novel). 

I picked up on my ability to sprite. Yes. I've been spriting again and I haven't done that in a few years. Making art from scratch. I haven't been submitting it here though. I've been submitting it on Tumblr! Yes I now have a Tumblr site and I basically use it as a dumping ground for coming up with topics to write about, dropping links to things that interest me, airing out certain thoughts, and basically amusing myself in ways that I really couldn't do in deviant art. I've been keeping it updated since LAST NOVEMBER. Not everyday but at least once per week although with the update to give the users scheduled uploads I basically set a week of updates up the week before. 

If you ever wanted to hear from me more often it's where you should go as I imagine I'll keep it up with the intentions to expand my topics as I gain more listeners. The larger the readership the hotter the topics. I'm interested in things that are hot, aren't you?

Right now I'm just finishing up my Halloween nightmare month where I post a bunch of crazy, surreal, creepy, Zany, and thoughtful things. 
I had a lot of fun with it and plan on doing it again next year with even weirder stuff that I forgot to list! 

So yes. I've also taken up editing as a new skill to use and abuse. I've done it on my tumblr as well where I would do things like this.……

I've forgotten why I even wanted to do something like this. Oh yeah! I wanted to edit together a Gif as an exercise to see if I can still animate in general. I animated Rose's Flag from Steven universe while having the opening theme to Patapon 1 play in the background. It turned out better than I expected if it means anything to anyone. 

So I plan to do more of that time permitting as well. 

Because of my new business I have to wipe the cobwebs off my skills to web design! But I haven't made nearly as much progress with that as with other things so I should really pin that down. So that's my solution to the update problem. Have a Tumblr where I can submit things without worrying about the submission process being strict and abstract (and shit). 

My horoscope told me that this would be my year. 

I wonder if I even have people who still remember me on this site. Aside from Mir of course. 
  • Listening to: Terry's World


Aaron Johnson
United States
Current Residence: Columbia, south carolina
Favourite genre of music: classical
Favourite style of art: Comics
Operating System: WIndows 7
MP3 player of choice: Sony walkman
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey mouse or Sonic when he was cool
Personal Quote: It takes such a long time to get what you desire most. No wonder people give up.


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