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Yeah another Journal so soon after the previous one whatever could the subject be about?
Well. It has to be with my Kitsune Chronicle series the one that I've basically been writing in one form or another since from way back when I used to make sprites. Almost all of it has been submitted except for the last part which was focused around Swifteye. The biggest part of the delay was that I was having a lot of trouble making his part really work. I made him sort of integral and the type of character he was and the way he was developed just had a lot of critical flaws to work with. That writing it as it stood was just not a very comfortable experience.
So it was very easy to get distracted by other things than it should have been.

Then I wrote that Pony fanfic. I spent roughly a year researching the ponies and the Brony phenom and learned a few things.

My perception and most people's perception of it was based on generation 3.0 and 3.5 (the ones that went straight to dvd) rather than the original series which was fairly actiony given the content and it's main characters.

The fandom randomly fluctuates between embracing it's cuteness or making cynical and rather frightening contrasts to the tone of the show and neither has a great grasp on the flawed concept of whatever sort of morals the show would want you to learn.

The Last Unicorn is actually a really nice movie and the Nostalgia Chick's review of it does it very little justice.

And lastly. I can write a much better version of that story than what I've currently written. I've done a lot of things wrong with Kitsune Chronicles. So I'm going to redo it from the ground up and apply the things I've learned from making Equestrian Journey (or whatever I called it).

Develop side characters more. I did a lot of tell but didn't show it. I noticed this with Jourton's story and his friends and other such associated cast. They never quite got the development they needed and weren't an important aspect of his character. They were just sort of there. I plan to improve camaraderie and banter in that area and create arcing sequences for them and all characters that are important but not main.

I'm fixing some main characters like Jack, Swifteye, Madeline, Jourton, Jack, And Muta. They suffered some serious missteps in my writing and need to be re-established to better make sense of their characters. Muta in particular didn't get much of a character at all. She's going to get a real main character status and Swifteye sequentially will be drastically toned down and won't be the glue for the story.

Re-designing characters. You might tell that in my character descriptions it sounds a little sonicy (although there are plenty of colorful anthros well outside the sonic the hedgehog fan designs). I'm working towards something closer to some sort of Redwall or perhaps Dust: an Elysium Tale. I don't do any graphic designing anymore so it really doesn't matter as the reader can imagine whatever they want given there is no guiding illustrations and there never were.

I'm shifting focus away from certain characters and towards others. The old setup Had Jigen, Jourton, Stone, Jack, Madeline, And Swifteye as main characters. It's getting re-configured and reworked as the focus is going to be tied to the theme of the Kitsunes to make the title stronger. Jigen is now a supporting character to Gabo who is being redesigned to be a fox instead of a hedgehog. Jack and Stone now share a story together with Stone being a side character now. Madeline is no longer a main character and is now a side character to Muta who has her own story arc. Swifteye doesn't tie into any characters before their original appearance in the story.

Lastly. The format. Every main character had a section, sort of like a small piece of the one great big story. This will be changed. Now it's one big piece that shifts main characters every five chapters for the first part. After five characters have five chapters events will start to intertwine thus forcing the second act to be more cohesive. The joining of characters united by a series of involving moments that bring them together.
This is a very experimental trick I'm undertaking but I'd like to think it can work.

I submitted the pony fic to a pony fanfic website and one of the commenters suggested that I give things out piece by piece rather than one big chunk so readers can digest and think over their interest of committing to reading the entire thing. I've never heard of such malarkey but it will be easier on me for sure. Every five chapters I'll stroll here and submit them. I don't believe in keeping people hanging on the off chance my work don't round out because I got busy or sick randomly. So I still publish in mass just much smaller than before.
The old stories won't be destroyed. Just like my old sprite comics they will be moved to an external hard drive and preserved for posterity and cringing horror of my past self that I will view every now and again but mostly avoid.
Anyone who actually enjoyed the current version know that it will be moved to scraps or perhaps another folder just for it. So you can still look at it and read it with your eyeballs if that so much suits you.

So yeah. I should be doing more stuff. I don't have a particular speed I'm moving at so I make no promises I can't keep.
Pft. Why did I even bother to write all this goof? How many people are going to actually read it? Aw well. I liked writing it I guess that's all that really matters.
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